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18th of September 2022

Area Talks – hot discussions, universal topics and current issues and politically not correct zone – yes, it is Area Talks – this year on 18th of September.

Two inspiring discussion panels with experts from around the world sharing inspirational ideas, innovative solutions, and exciting experiences – this is just a short summary of what awaits you in Madrid. We will connect live with chefs, journalists, foodies, and marketers from all continents. We will discuss current topics as well as universal content.

Group 615

18th of September 2022

16:00 – 17:45

Discussion panel 1: ‘Food and Peace’
with the participation of
Diego Guerrero, Fatmata Binta, Alex Atala, Alena Solodovichenko and Geeta Bansal
moderated by Rafael Tonon

17:45 – 18:00

Coffee break

18:00 – 19:30

Discussion panel 2: ‘Not politically correct discussion’
with the participation of
Eric Vildgaard, Leonor Espinosa, Alexandra Forbes, Dabiz Muñoz and Małgosia Minta
moderated by Rafael Tonon


Cocktail reception by Paco Roncero


Rafael Tonon

Eater, Brazil

Diego Guerrero

DStage, Spain

Fatmata Binta

Fulani Kitchen, Sierra Leone

Alex Atala

D.O.M., Brazil

Geeta Bansal

The Salty Magazine, USA

Leonor Espinosa

Leo, Colombia

Alena Solodovichenko

Sfumato and Soiree, Dubai

Małgosia Minta

Journalist, food writer and photographer, Poland

Alexandra Forbes

GQ Magazin, Brazil

Dabiz Muñoz

DiverXO, Spain

Eric Kragh Vildgaard

Jordnær, Denmark


Casino de Madrid

C. de Alcalá, 15
28014 Madrid, Spain